Non-NHS Services

Our priority is to care for our patients and therefore non-NHS work does not take priority over our NHS work.  We aim to complete forms within 1 week of request but at times it may take longer. Please note that some forms can only be completed by your own registered GP which may take longer if your doctor is not on duty.  Please check with a member of our reception team.

Payment should be made at the time of request.  We accept payment in cash or by debit/credit card.  We regret that we are no longer able to accept payment by cheque.  Receipts are available on request.

To see a list of our private service fees please click here FEES FOR NON NHS SERVICES 2024

Housing Applications

We do not provide letters for housing, so please do not request these.  Whilst we appreciate that housing problems can be stressful, this is a matter for the council housing office.  If the council requires additional medical information, they will send a specific form to the GP surgery. You will need to provide your written consent for this.If you are intending to apply for a council home for health reasons you do not need to send a letter from the GP.The Council will write, in confidence, to your doctor if further information is required.GPs receive frequent requests for medical letters and reports in support of housing applications from a variety of sources – the local authority, housing associations, directly from patients and from patients via Citizens Advice Bureau.

The arrangements for seeking GP reports and for payment vary from local authority area to local authority area, and even when clearly agreed are often not implemented by local authority staff. However, all requests should come via the Council or Housing Association and not the patient.Information in support an application based on health grounds should be supplied by the applicant using a form provided by the Housing Department (self-assessment).

This should not require any input from the GP/practice.Only if additional information is required, should the Housing Department Medical Officer obtain it from the applicant’s doctor, preferably using a standard form, provided the patient has given written consent.

The Medical Officer should seek information which is only available to the GP, for example:the diagnosis;severity of the illness;medicationWe understand that patients are often wrongly advised to get a letter from their GP and we can supply you with a letter outlining the above that you can show to anyone wrongly directing you to us for such documentation.